How much Baby Stomach tea can I give my baby to drink and how often a day?

20-100 ml over the day, depending on the age and weight of the baby. After the baby starts eating solids the amount can be increased and adjusted to the thirst and condition of the baby (might be more in summer, during illness…)


Can the pregnancy tea be consumed at any stage of the pregnancy? 



When to drink red clover tea, when not to? 

It’s always possible to drink red clover infusion. There is no limitation due to any thinkable condition.


Can baby drink nursing tea, or just the baby stomach tea?

Baby should drink Baby Stomach Tea, mommy drinks Nursing tea to help promote lactation. Once mommy is happy with her lactation or maybe even has more than enough milk, she may switch to Baby Stomach Tea to pass on the herbal effects via mothers milk without promoting milk production. If she has way too much milk, she might want to cut down on milk production and drink Pregnancy tea as it contains peppermint leaf’s this will help to reduce milk production.