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Nursing Tea


Ingredients: Aniseed, fennel, verbena, caraway, (11%) fenugreek seeds
Organically grown herbs, 100% natural, no added flavourings, sugar and caffeine free
20 seal-wrapped tea bags (total of 40g)

Our multi-award winning organic Nursing Tea is a special blend of organic herbs that will bring comfort to breastfeeding mothers. It has been created especially for those times when mums milk just not seem to be enough.

It combines powerful galactagogues herbs such as fenugreek seeds and fennel. The natural sweetness from aniseed and caraway will also support a breastfeeding experience that flows smoothly. From the moment it is inhaled, you will feel at ease as you enjoy the aroma before tasting this delicious tea. Mountain grown verbena completes the experience bringing you a breastfeeding beverage that is sugar and caffeine free.

Besides having a very pleasant taste our nursing tea is also recommended by midwives and lactation consultants across the UK. 

We are very proud to have been voted 'Best Breastfeeding Tea UK' by independent parents in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 as well as having achieved a Platinum Award for 'Best New Product from Mums' by Janey Lee Grace. Shortlisted for a Mother & Baby Award 2018.

Enjoy up to 4 cups a day.

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    Great tea and very fast delivery From: Guest | Created on: 29/12/2014 21:06

    I am drinking this tea regularly and it does help to increase milk supply. It is tasty and smooth. I would definitely recommend it to nursing mums especially for those moment of fatigue and stress when the milk seems not to be enough, as it supports your body to get back on track!
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    Excellent Delivery From: clong10 | Created on: 05/07/2014 15:09

    I purchased 5 boxes of nursing tea last week from the website and received two days later.
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    Absolutely Fabulous Tea! From: Guest | Created on: 01/11/2013 22:29

    Absolutely fabulous tea!
    This tea tastes beautifully smooth, delicate, and sweet; just the pick-me-up that a nursing mother requires!
    I find that the herbs help my supply and are calming and reviving.
    I would definitely recommend this tea!
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    Nursing tea From: Guest | Created on: 09/10/2013 11:43

    Working as a lactation consultant and children's nurse for many years I can strongly recommend to try nursing tea to increase milk supply.
    It  taste nice and could also add to the daily fluid intake of the breastfeeding mother.
    From my experience Herbal nursing teas have a long history in Europe and many other cultures although they can differ in the composition of the herbs.
    I am glad nursing tea is now available for some time here in the UK thanks to Neuner's from Austria which also stands for high quality.
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    it helped increase my supply From: soundofmusic | Created on: 17/06/2013 16:10

    My son developed problems at 6 weeks with latching, so he wasn't feeding often which resulted in my supply decreasing drastically.
    I decided to start taking neuners nursing tea and it helped increase my supply within a few days & i hand expressed until breastfeeding was re established. I noticed the side which i wasn't able to express much from also improved in the quantity it was able to produce.
    I continued taking it when i re-established breastfeeding&he seemed much more satisfied after feeds.
    I would definitely recommend it to breastfeeding mums if they feel a reduction in supply as it's a natural product that worked for me within couple of days. Glad i found it.
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