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  • Neuner's Baby Stomach Tea transformed my daughters night times! Posted on 07 November 2015

    'Neuner's baby stomach tea has been a life saver! My daughter is 1 year old, has from birth had issues with reflux etc which she took Gaviscon. The reflux issues settled down as she started weaning and was eventually taken off Gaviscon altogether. In the last month however we entered into a horrendous bedtime; my daughter has always been a very good sleeper, once alsleep would stay asleep etc, but last month she started waking during the night; it was quite obvious she wanted to sleep but would not be able to and was constantly writhing around the cot or on whoever had her in their arms. It was quickly discovered it was down to trapped wind. We quickly started trying all the obvious; tummy massage, gripe water etc but none of it worked so we ended up just holding her comforting her until the wind passed, this was always at least a 2 hour exercise. On discussion with the HV I decided to retry fennel tea; during my search I found Neuner's baby stoamch tea, read the reviews and thought I'd give it a try.

    Since she has been on it she has slept through every night with no episodes of trapped wind, it's been amazing! My daughter drinks squash up until after her afternoon nap during which I make her tea ready for her to start drinking when she wakes, she then has nothing else to drink but the tea till bedtime and it has worked wonders. Even her instances of wind has dramatically reduced.

    Can highly recommend this to anyone with a little one with tummy issues. Good luck!

    K. W. Wilkinson

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