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    The leaves are turning beautiful shades of crimson, ochre, and gold, and we are soon to be adjusting our clocks and seeing the drawing in of dusk.
    Autumn is a beautifully wild season with bluster, change, and fading light; the pungent acridity of dampening mosses, bonfires, and foliage accruing underfoot is set alive in the newly crisp sharp air.
    So, the colder months are almost upon us, and we need to prepare ourselves. It is wise to begin boosting our immunity and wellbeing against the gathering storm that is wintertime.
    Keeping ourselves healthy is not only about looking after our bodies, but our whole selves; remember to treat yourself and stay happy. Feed your souls as well as your belly!
    A relaxing half hour with favourite music, the luxury of a good book, a hot bath, yoga and meditation, or a bracing run cannot be underestimated. Togetherness is good, too! Don't forget to catch up with friends and family, and look after those more vulnerable than ourselves.


    We have long known the benefits of herbs and spices, and there is no better way to harness nature's power than to add natural goodness to your daily routine.
    When making soups and hot drinks don't forget the ginger, garlic, and lemon. And spices have wonderful flavours, but also are powerhouses of goodness - cinnamon, fenugreek, turmeric, chilli, amongst many are known to guard against many common ailments.
    A feast of colour does wonders for our wellbeing. It is said by many health experts that one must try to eat as colourfully as possible in order to maximise the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Try the purples of aubergines, blueberries and plums, along with red in the form of pomegranites, strawberries, rosehips, peppers, chillis or redcurrants. Yellows abound, too, with pumpkins and squashes providing yellows and oranges aplenty, but above all, do as your grandmother told you and eat your greens!!! Give kale a go, and welcome in the season of the Brussel  sprout! Those delicious mini cabbages are rich in minerals and nutrients, have a concentrated flavour and are incredibly versatile.


    When it comes to fermentation, you can reach beyond a glass of autumn cider. Fermented products are known to be incredibly beneficial to the immune system, so make sure to stock up on products like miso, raw sauerkraut, and tempeh. And you wouldn't do badly to stash away a jar of Manuka honey and things to add sprinkles of super boosting goodness to your everyday, like wheat germ, lucuma, spirulina, chlorella, or nori! And don't forget the molasses and raw cocoa for a touch of sweet indulgence.


    Staying hydrated is just as important in the colder months, too, as heating systems and the mix of indoor temperatures and extreme cold can wreak havoc on hydration and delicate skin. Treat your skin to a mist, and have skin balm handy. Try hot water with lemon as a wake-up, and a swift Neuners herbal as a winter warmer. Remember to sip water and don't wait to feel thirsty.

    Strike a balance with the outdoors, remembering to wrap up warmly, but also to try to expose enough of yourself to soak up valuable vitamin D from sunlight - this is best done in the middle hours of the day.
    Layering is a reliable way of staying warm in the cold. And nothing beats a sturdy pair of comfortable boots!

    One of the best immune boosters is relaxation and happiness, of course, so most of all stay happy and enjoy the autumn festivities!
    As the season gets underway there are always beautiful street fairs and markets, festivals for harvest, midwinter parties and celebrations to mark the passing of light and dark, as well as the many cultural and religious days of note.

    Until next time.
    It's time to put on my winter woolly socks, light a candle, and make some tea!

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