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  • We are coming into Autumn, and also ending several celebrations of breastfeeding - breastfeeding week, breastfeeding month, world milksharing week, and black breastfeeding week.
    How fabulous that we have these great times where we talk about breastfeeding and congratulate everyone on their hard work and dedication!
    After all, it's a difficult balance and a thin line we tread when we talk about breastfeeding, due to the sorts of responses and issues that are current.
    What I mean is that we can talk about breastfeeding as being incredibly easy in relation to any artificial method, in that there is no external preparation or equipment or time spent preparing required, but if we talk about breastfeeding being hard work then we risk putting people off  - but this is simply due to our culture and the manner in which our society is constructed.
    If, as would normally have been the case thousands of years ago to ensure the survival of the species (and also in some parts of the world today), almost every human breastfed their young, then a discussion regarding difficulties would be met with a matter of fact response and ways to facilitate the parent, rather than a straightaway suggestion of cessation that has become pretty common. This state of affairs has led breastfeeding mothers to be pretty coy in the face of obstacles, difficulties, tiredness and whatever else.
    Juggling family, school, babies, jobs, and study can be a precarious teetering affair, today.
    Mothers can be afeared of those that utter sentiments suggesting that in this day and age it really is too much of a bother - worrying indeed when we are the same species now that we have always ever been!
    So, thank goodness that we now have cloistered support in the many closed groups and pages online, support from breastfeeding advocacy groups and networks, and helpful mamas who are there to lend a hand and reassure others.
    In such a climate it is incredibly important that we have delineated times where we can all come together in whichever way and celebrate our breastfeeding journeys; we need to pat ourselves on the back and acknowledge that in the face of aggressive marketing, of untrained professionals giving outdated and just plain wrong information, of practical obstacles such as work and lifestyle, and of unsupportive communities, we have done amazingly well for every hour, day, week, month and year that we have breastfed our children.
    For every utterance of cringeworthy phraseology, "weaning off", "drying up", "moving on", we can happily and joyfully latch on, snuggle down and feel triumphant that for all the mores and fads and trappings of modern parenting, the potent mix of motherly instinct and biological necessities will always prevail.
    Enjoy you journey!

    Love from us all at Neuners.

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