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  • Spring has sprung, all is in bloom, and there's the wellspring of new life, all is abundance and bounty.
    For those of us welcoming new babies this year, there's no better time - because you can look forward to the benefits of our newest tea in the Neuners range.
    The most known uses of raspberry leaf are related to pregnancy, but the benefits are even more wide-ranging!
    Raspberry  Leaf, or "Rubus Idaeus", has been credited with many benefits, and it  boasts a mean nutritional punch that includes vitamin C and E, as well  as iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, and much of the B  complex.
    Rich in chlorophyll, tannins, and flavonoids, raspberry leaf is caffeine-free.
    Historically,  raspberry leaf was considered a fertility aid, and today it is said to  strengthen the uterine wall, which will have the effect of increasing  the likelihood of implantation and ensuring against miscarriage.

    In early pregnancy, raspberry leaf has been reported to relieve morning sickness.
    In later pregnancy, leg cramps and swelling have been noted to have been assuaged with raspberry leaf tea.
    For  those of us hoping to meet our new additions very soon, it may be worth  stocking up on tea, because studies show that the later stages of  labour are shortened and optimised after raspberry leaf intake.
    Drinking raspberry leaf correlated with less painful, normal, and natural deliveries with fewer interventions.

    Looking  beyond birth, you might want to keep that tea handy, as postpartum  hormone regulation is yet another benefit that has been boasted for  raspberry leaf. And, for Breastfeeding, raspberry leaf is believed to  enrich milk and ensure a good supply.
    Our Pregnancy Blend can be drunk alongside others in the Neuners range.

    Beyond  mama and baby and the maternal, raspberry leaf is good for all times.  Every month, for the week or two prior to menstruation, try raspberry  leaf to relieve premenstrual symptoms and the onset of cramps and  associated symptoms.
    Lastly, lest they are forgotten, men may  also discover the benefits of raspberry leaf, as it has been associated  with reproductive wellbeing.
    Other medicinal uses have included the treatment of such glamorous ills as gum disease and cold sores.

    Neuners has blended raspberry leaf and developed a delicate, calming, and refreshing blend for everyday drinking.
    A balanced mix with chamomile and ginger makes up every tasty bag.
    You can brew up for a comforting and warming tea, or cool for a cold drink. Making tea ice cubes are innovative and handy, too.

    Please ensure to seek medical advice, where necessary.


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