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  • Tips to Reduce Stress During Pregnancy

    It’s easy to get upset about the smallest things when we’re under too much stress. A friend of mine related to me recently how she had spent all day thinking about going home to eat her mashed potatoes. When she got home, it became apparent that there wasn’t any milk to add to the potatoes. This piece of unwelcome news reduced her to tears almost instantly.

    For the expectant mother, it’s crucial to reduce stress. When you’re doing something as important as growing a new human life inside you, you shouldn’t feel so uptight that potatoes send you over the edge. Here are some tips to keep you on the pathway to less stress:


    Don’t take on too much. Pregnancy isn’t an easy time. Not only do you feel tired, but there are a lot of hormones, and therefore, emotions to cope with. It’s not the time to volunteer for extra assignments in the office or to start hosting social engagements. Your responsibility is to cut back so that you can get extra rest. You can let friends know that you feel tired and need to take it easy. Good friends will understand and will want the best for both you and baby.


    Don’t be concerned about the thoughts of others. You’ve got other things to be working on. Being a mother is the most important position you’ll ever hold and don’t make others make you feel bad for putting your pregnancy first. You are not being selfish by doing this, you’re putting your baby first. Remember the happier and healthier you are, the more likely your baby will be the same.


    Don’t do too much pregnancy related research. It’s fine to read about the development of your baby but you don’t want to start getting panicked by mentions of very rare conditions that may affect pregnant ladies. It can just put you under pressure that you don’t need. It’s very unlikely that you’ll be a sufferer of complications as most babies are very healthy. They are remote possibilities, and keep them that way. However, if you have a legitimate concern, ask your doctor.


    Try to meditate, do yoga or simply relax with a nice cup of tea. Anything that works for you and is relaxing is fine. It's not helpful if you have stress getting to yoga class on time.

    Expecting a baby is a time to relax and allow nature to take its course. Reduce your stress and both you and the baby will benefit from it.

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