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    August is Happiness Happens month.

    A perfectly good reason for us at Neuner’s to think of things that make parents happy.

    Besides from the obvious: a smile, the heart-warming ‘I love you mum’, a kiss…, we came across an older HuffPost Parenting facebook post discussing what makes parents happy.

    What we read surprised us! Who thought that things like poo, a burp, a sleepless night or an untidy room can bring joy to parenthood?

    Inspired by these comments and what Neuner’s parents shared with us including my own experiences I have collected the top 10.

    1. Sleepless Nights

    Waking up in the middle of the night because your child is hungry or uncomfortable is exhausting but once your little one is settled there is this moment of absolute calm, almost magical. The silence of the night, the closeness and the great feeling that you have been able to calm your child and having it save and sound back in its bed is bliss for parents.

    1. Getting up early

    Remember the weekends when you were single? Sleeping until noon after a night out? Well, as a parent this is most weekends a thing of the past. However, parents love opening the door to the nursery and seeing the happy faces of their children who can’t wait to get their day started. If this isn’t a great reason to get up!

    1. Toddlers

    From a personal experience I can honestly say that my daughter made me laugh so many times during her toddler years. The joy of watching a beetle crawling across the picnic blanket or having a bubble bath. Toddlers can open a whole new and forgotten world to us parents. It is incredibly exciting watching them experience the world and it makes us parents happy being a part of it.

    1.  Poo

    To be honest it sounds a bit crazy to burst out of joy over poo but as a parent we do feel happy when our baby’s digestion works well or if our toddler managed to use the potty for the first time. Especially if your child suffers from constipation a full nappy is a moment for celebration! Non-parents might have problems understanding this, however we totally get it! By the way Baby Stomach Tea is a great digestive tea for babies.

    1. A burp

    Having your baby upright on your shoulder after a feed and that lovely little burp give every parent a moment of happiness. Who would have thought that a burp can trigger happiness?

    1. Co-Sleeping

    Not having your bed for yourself anymore and sharing it with your baby or toddler or even older child can be a great moment of happiness for parents. Having them close and safe is bliss.

    1. Noisy toys

    Before becoming a parent, children toys might have been annoying for our ears. Now, hearin­­g a nursery rhyme from your children’s toy for the fifties time is reassuring and makes you happy! It is proof that your child enjoys him/herself. What more can a parent ask for?

    1. An untidy room

    The room is full of toys and untidy? It can be annoying but also incredibly rewarding when you see evidence scattered around the floor that your children had a great day.

    1.  Embarrassing comments

    I will never forget my daughter’s violin teacher who’s from Scotland. After her first lesson she kept on asking her what language she spoke. She repeatedly told her English but my daughter wasn’t convinced and kept on asking. She was five and she just didn’t know better. It was very difficult for me to stay serious. I love (!) the Scottish and their dialect, but it was just one of these lovely moments I will never forget.

    1. Being crazy – being yourself

    Who would ever laugh about your in a way your kids laugh when you are being silly? My daughter still to this day can’t stop laughing about my crazy dance moves. She for sure is the only one who will ever see them! These are moments where I can just be crazy self, full of giggles and happiness. Our children love it when we let our guard down and behave like children again.

    Thanks for teaching us. Thank you for all the moments of joy! 

    Tell us about what makes you happy as a parent!

    Your Neuner's Team xx




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