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  • Why we love 2nd hand clothes for babies!

    Naturally as a mum you only want the best for your baby. But are the most valued, most expensive clothes also the best for your baby?

    We here at Neuner’s we are for all things organic and natural. But organic clothes are not always available and expensive, hence we are a strong ambassador for 2nd hand clothes.

    There are so many advantages using 2nd hand clothes for babies that we would like to share them:

    1. It is good for the environment!
      Unfortunately, clothes manufacturer contributes immensely to the increasing pollution on our planet. Starting from pestizides for cotton, to bleaching the fabrics and non-biodegradable artificial fibres. The negative impact on the environment can be seen in Countries like China, India and Bangladesh where rivers and drinking water became toxic. In recent times and due to public pressure China tries to focus more on the production of eco-friendly fibres. It is up to us customers to create a demand for those clothes. However, they are maybe not always available and that is why 2nd hand clothes are such a great thing.
    2. It is better for your baby’s skin!
      As mentioned before, clothes, especially new clothes are enriched and loaded with chemicals and toxins to create different effects. Those chemicals are absorbed through your baby’s skin. Unlike adults, babies and children cannot as easily get rid of those substances as their kidneys are not developed enough. Unless the clothes you buy are 100% organic there is a good chance that the clothes have been treated with a cocktail of chemicals.

    The ‘nasty’ list is rather long but here are a few of the most common ones:


    • Formaldehyde (a known carcinogen)
    • Heavy metals for dying (bad for our environment and again carcinogen)
    • Dioxins
    • Different acids and strong bases that can irritate the skin
    1. It’s better for your budget!

    2nd hand clothes are far less costly, most of the time even for free! It is a great way to help each other out and pass on from one child to the other. We used our coffee mornings after school to swap clothes and shoes. It is great fun and gets you talking. Make friends while sharing!


    One more important thing we would like to add is. Be careful with clothes directly bought abroad! Often there are higher levels of toxins allowed. Wash them 3 – 4 x before putting them on.
    Because 2nd hand clothes have been washed more often the level of chemicals or toxins are far less. There is our case for passing on clothes:

    It is great for your baby, the environment and your purse! Happy clothes sharing!! 


    Your Neuner's Team


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