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    August is Happiness Happens month.

    A perfectly good reason for us at Neuner’s to think of things that make parents happy.

    Besides from the obvious: a smile, the heart-warming ‘I love you mum’, a kiss…, we came across an older HuffPost Parenting facebook post discussing what makes parents happy.

    What we read surprised us! Who thought that things like poo, a burp, a sleepless night or an untidy room can bring joy to parenthood?

    Inspired by these comments and what Neuner’s parents shared with us including my own experiences I have collected the top 10.

    1. Sleepless Nights

    Waking up in the middle of the night because your child is hungry or uncomfortable is exhausting but once your little one is settled there is this moment of absolute calm, almost magical. The silence of the night, the closeness and the great feeling that you have been able to calm your child and having it save and sound back in its bed is bliss for parents.

    1. Getting up early

    Remember the weekends when you were single? Sleeping until noon after a night out? Well, as a parent this is most weekends a thing of the past. However, parents love opening the door to the nursery and seeing the happy faces of their children who can’t wait to get their day started. If this isn’t a great reason to get up!

    1. Toddlers

    From a personal experience I can honestly say that my daughter made me laugh so many times during her toddler years. The joy of watching a beetle crawling across the picnic blanket or having a bubble bath. Toddlers can open a whole new and forgotten world to us parents. It is incredibly exciting watching them experience the world and it makes us parents happy being a part of it.

    1.  Poo

    To be honest it sounds a bit crazy to burst out of joy over poo but as a parent we do feel happy when our baby’s digestion works well or if our toddler managed to use the potty for the first time. Especially if your child suffers from constipation a full nappy is a moment for celebration! Non-parents might have problems understanding this, however we totally get it! By the way Baby Stomach Tea is a great digestive tea for babies.

    1. A burp

    Having your baby upright on your shoulder after a feed and that lovely little burp give every parent a moment of happiness. Who would have thought that a burp can trigger happiness?

    1. Co-Sleeping

    Not having your bed for yourself anymore and sharing it with your baby or toddler or even older child can be a great moment of happiness for parents. Having them close and safe is bliss.

    1. Noisy toys

    Before becoming a parent, children toys might have been annoying for our ears. Now, hearin­­g a nursery rhyme from your children’s toy for the fifties time is reassuring and makes you happy! It is proof that your child enjoys him/herself. What more can a parent ask for?

    1. An untidy room

    The room is full of toys and untidy? It can be annoying but also incredibly rewarding when you see evidence scattered around the floor that your children had a great day.

    1.  Embarrassing comments

    I will never forget my daughter’s violin teacher who’s from Scotland. After her first lesson she kept on asking her what language she spoke. She repeatedly told her English but my daughter wasn’t convinced and kept on asking. She was five and she just didn’t know better. It was very difficult for me to stay serious. I love (!) the Scottish and their dialect, but it was just one of these lovely moments I will never forget.

    1. Being crazy – being yourself

    Who would ever laugh about your in a way your kids laugh when you are being silly? My daughter still to this day can’t stop laughing about my crazy dance moves. She for sure is the only one who will ever see them! These are moments where I can just be crazy self, full of giggles and happiness. Our children love it when we let our guard down and behave like children again.

    Thanks for teaching us. Thank you for all the moments of joy! 

    Tell us about what makes you happy as a parent!

    Your Neuner's Team xx




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    Every parent has experienced it. Trying to get your toddler wearing shoes is a challenge! They don't seem to be very fond of them and it takes time and a lot of persuasion to get them used to it. It seems that instinctively toddlers know that without the shoes their feet are better off.

    But is this the case actually?

    As a parent you would think that comfortable and expensive label shoes are the best you can give and if they have enough toes space it is all fine. Aren’t these good quality shoes just as good as walking barefoot?

    According to a recent study apparently not! The study compared the feet of European and South African school children. In South Africa walking barefoot to school is very common, regardless of income or social status. Even students walk barefoot to their university. While European pupils are wearing shoes when going outside the South African counterparts are most of the time without. Pupils from both continents were monitored in how they walk, run, balance or jump. The results favoured the children who grew up mostly barefoot. They were able to jump wider, balance better and had a 97% less likeability of developing a flatfoot which can cause shin, hip or lower back pain later in life.

    The study concluded that walking barefoot is healthier and is recommended especially for babies and toddlers to avoid early deformations.  But it is not just healthier for your feet, but also more fun! Our feet had the same use as our hands once and are highly sensitive. The tickly feeling of grass, mud or grovel is wonderful for your toes and it is exciting to jump in puddles and feel the water. It is fun to try and pick up things such as toys up with your toes instead of your hands. This is a great practice to increase balance by the way. Playtime outside can be very different if experienced barefoot and feel not just with your hands but with your feet.

    Even a few hours in the garden or the park without shoes can make all the difference.  Be brave, go with the flow and trust your toddler! Let them walk outside without shoes and socks. Make use of the warm summer days and take a walk in the park or garden barefoot. Even a short walk to the shops without shoes can become an exciting adventure. Try it out for yourself. It will be fun for both of you. Your feet will get dirty but that can easily be washed off! Much easier and quicker than washing socks or cleaning shoes. In our experience, toddlers enjoyed it very much and will enjoy their time outside even more.

    Try it out yourself and send us pictures of you and your toddler walking barefoot!

    Your Neuner’s Team xxx

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    Why we love 2nd hand clothes for babies!

    Naturally as a mum you only want the best for your baby. But are the most valued, most expensive clothes also the best for your baby?

    We here at Neuner’s we are for all things organic and natural. But organic clothes are not always available and expensive, hence we are a strong ambassador for 2nd hand clothes.

    There are so many advantages using 2nd hand clothes for babies that we would like to share them:

    1. It is good for the environment!
      Unfortunately, clothes manufacturer contributes immensely to the increasing pollution on our planet. Starting from pestizides for cotton, to bleaching the fabrics and non-biodegradable artificial fibres. The negative impact on the environment can be seen in Countries like China, India and Bangladesh where rivers and drinking water became toxic. In recent times and due to public pressure China tries to focus more on the production of eco-friendly fibres. It is up to us customers to create a demand for those clothes. However, they are maybe not always available and that is why 2nd hand clothes are such a great thing.
    2. It is better for your baby’s skin!
      As mentioned before, clothes, especially new clothes are enriched and loaded with chemicals and toxins to create different effects. Those chemicals are absorbed through your baby’s skin. Unlike adults, babies and children cannot as easily get rid of those substances as their kidneys are not developed enough. Unless the clothes you buy are 100% organic there is a good chance that the clothes have been treated with a cocktail of chemicals.

    The ‘nasty’ list is rather long but here are a few of the most common ones:


    • Formaldehyde (a known carcinogen)
    • Heavy metals for dying (bad for our environment and again carcinogen)
    • Dioxins
    • Different acids and strong bases that can irritate the skin
    1. It’s better for your budget!

    2nd hand clothes are far less costly, most of the time even for free! It is a great way to help each other out and pass on from one child to the other. We used our coffee mornings after school to swap clothes and shoes. It is great fun and gets you talking. Make friends while sharing!


    One more important thing we would like to add is. Be careful with clothes directly bought abroad! Often there are higher levels of toxins allowed. Wash them 3 – 4 x before putting them on.
    Because 2nd hand clothes have been washed more often the level of chemicals or toxins are far less. There is our case for passing on clothes:

    It is great for your baby, the environment and your purse! Happy clothes sharing!! 


    Your Neuner's Team


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    We all know that breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby and has a whole host of benefits for mum and baby! However, whilst it can be a great thing to do, it isn’t always easy to get the hang of, and can be full of challenges.

    Thankfully, the majority of issues that can come up during breastfeeding can be overcome, and whilst it can seem difficult at times, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. To help you along the way, we have put together some of the common issues with breastfeeding and how you can solve them!

    A sleepy feeder

    Babies love to sleep, although not always at the time that you want them to sleep! The best way to encourage a sleepy feeder to carry on eating is with a wake up call. Simply get your milk flowing by doing gentle breast compressions between your thumb and fingers. Your baby will then respond by getting back to feeding, you can also get them to suck by stroking under the chin.

    Latching on really hurts

    Your nipples are sensitive, so it makes sense as a new mother that they may be a bit tender during breastfeeding. There should never be any severe pain during a feed. If you are experiencing any, then it could be down to the latch. Your baby needs to get a great mouthful of your breast right at the start, to do this their mouth needs to be open wide, with their chin pressed into your breast and their head tilted backwards. If it still hurts, then speak to an expert.

    My breasts are incredibly swollen

    Around 3 days after your baby is born the milk production in your breasts starts to ramp up. This can lead to your breasts becoming swollen and uncomfortable. The best way to get through this uncomfortable time is to frequently breastfeed your baby, you can also hand express to relieve the discomfort too. You may even find that cabbage leaves (clean ones of course) placed you’re your bra can help with the swelling too!

    I have a painful spot in my breast

    This is likely to be caused by a plugged milk duct. It is important that you take care of this, as it can lead to Mastitis which is an infection in your milk ducts that can be incredibly painful. Ideally you will want to encourage the milk to flow through this particular area.

    Position your baby so that their chin point towards the tender area and carefully massage the breast in that one spot whilst they are feeding. Between feeds it is also a good idea to apply heat to the area. If it isn’t improving then you should speak to your doctor, midwife or health visitor. Here is a link to the NHS information in regards to mastitis:

    It's worth giving it a good try.. 

    Whilst there are some challenges when breastfeeding most of them can be overcome by seeking advice from experts such as health visitors, lactation consultants, midwives or GPs. So don't hesitate and ask for help. Most councils have special breastfeeding clincs on a regular basis. For most mums breastfeeding is an amazing experience. Not only do you give your baby a great start, but it will be amazingly convenient for you. Always having milk 'on call' in the exact right temperature, free of charge!

    But if breastfeeding doesn't work out for you, don't be hard on yourself! You and your baby will be fine in any which way. You are doing a great job - mums are best. xx 

    If you are concerned about your own milk supply, or feel that you need a boost to your breastfeeding, why not take a look at our online store? We have a specialist nursing tea that is designed to help you with your milk supply during nursing. 

    We hope that this blog was helpful.

    Lot's of love from

    Your Neuner's Team

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