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We are a family run business and an award winning producer of organic herbal teas, specialising in teas for mums and babies. In fact, we offer the only line of midwife tested breastfeeding and baby teas in the UK.

Neuner’s is the most recommended line of herbal teas for breastfeeding and pregnant mums. We have been voted ‘Number One Breastfeeding Tea’ by Green parent magazine and ‘Best Organic Tea’, ‘Best Breastfeeding Tea’ and ‘Best of the Best (nursing tea)’ by the Tea4Mum midwife and parent trials.

Neuner’s herbal teas have also been recommended by leading maternity nurses and lactation consultants such as Margarita Atieh. Ms Atieh’s clientele includes many of the rich and famous, including celebrities like Boris Becker, Tamara Beckwith and Natalia Vodianova.

Our teas are the result of a long family tradition of tea making and herbalism, stretching back 5 generations. We are proud to use the best organic ingredients, and to offer only the finest possible products. We hope you'll enjoy our teas!

Your Neuner's UK team xx


It was in 1884 when Alois Neuner (1863-1934) began to acquire a reputation as a healer and herbalist in the Zillertal Valley of Tyrol.

He was so successfull in treating illnesses with natural remedies that his reputation as a healer spread out known across the alps. After a while even people from far afield made their way into the valley to seek his help.


Maria (1890-1954), daughter of Alois, learned her father's skills. She assisted Alois for 17 years and passed on her knowledge to her son Hans Neuner.


Hans Neuner (1917-1994) took up his vocation as a healer after curing himself from glaucoma. He started to created herbal blends to treat specific health problems.

All Neuner's herbal teas are based on his knowledge and the family recipes are kept a closely guarded secret and are locked away in the company safe in Tyrol. For more than 35 years, Hans treated more than a million people from around the globe with his herbal remedies. He was known as the 'baby-maker from Tyrol', thanks to his ability to help many childless couples conceive. Hans received public thanks and recognition for his work and was awarded the Golden Medal of Honour of the Republic of Austria, the Medal of Honour of Tyrol and the Papal Medical Order 'Commendatore di Gratiae'.


Hans Neuner’s motto was "Health is not everything, but without it we have nothing" and its formed the basis for Neuner's, the company, founded in 1978 with its range of herbal teas and supplements. His daughter Doris followed in her father's footsteps and has been a director of the company since its formation and played a huge part in making Neuner's the success story that it is today. To this day she is actively involved in the company.



Stephanie Neuner represents the 5th generation of the Neuner family involved in the family business. Like the generations before her she is passionate about nature and herbs. She lives by the company philosophy, knowing how challenging it is to restore health, that 'prevention is better than cure'.


our responsibility

This year we have chosen to support The Woodland Trust because we believe ancient woodland is scarce and irreplaceable, covering less than 2 per cent of the UK. We hope we can help to preserve this precious parts of the UK for our children.

We are also supporting a number of mother and baby groups, midwives and health visitors with free samples.

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